Catholiques et Luthériens : célébration commune d’action de grâce

Mgr Pizzaballa, administrateur apostolique du Patriarcat latin de Jérusalem, et Mgr Munib Younan, évêque de l’Eglise luthérienne évangélique en Jordanie et Terre Sainte ont célébré une célébration commune d’action de grâce intitulée « Du conflit au partenariat : ensemble dans l’espérance » en l’église uthérienne évangélique du Bon Pasteur à Amman, comme le rapporte (en langue anglaise) le site Vatican Insider.

Mgr Pizzaballa_Noel_2016

[…] At the outset of the service, parish pastor Samer Azar, said: « I am pleased to welcome you all in Amman, the capital of our Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah Ben Al Hussein II, at the Church of the Good Shepherd whose name indicates that we are the children of a good shepherd. We are called upon to be good shepherds reconciled with ourselves, with each other, and with God to serve the parish and all people.”

He added: “While the world nowadays is witnessing a trend towards conflicts, sectarianism and fragmentation, the Holy See in Rome and the Lutheran World Federation in Geneva are heading towards partnership. This partnership has been made possible following the serious theological dialogue as well as the unstinting bilateral willingness to go ahead with the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit to arrive at a historic meeting of reconciliation that paves the way for full partnership between the two Churches.

In his homily, Apostolic Administrator Most Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa said […] in the first prayer of its kind prayer in Jordan: « Lord Jesus left us in flesh, yet He wants us to understand that without Him we are dead. This is like the branches of vine; we need to be firmly united with Him where we can receive from Him the nectar of life, namely the food that we need to give us life. That is why we must remain united with Him. We are messengers; we have been sent into the world to continue the work of His salvation, but we are messengers who are continuously in need to kneel at His feet. »  […]

La suite de cet article sur le site Vatican Insider.

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