Ce que nous apprennent les deux saintes palestiniennes

Le Patriarche latin de Jérusalem, Sa Béatitude Fouad Twal a accordé une interview au Vatican Insider dans laquelle il présente le sens de la canonisation prochaine, le 17 mai, de deux religieuses palestiniennes.


(Droits photo : friendsoftheholyland.org.uk)
(Droits photo : friendsoftheholyland.org.uk)

Interview with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Fouad Twal


Your Beatitude, you will be in Rome on May 17th for the canonization of two Palestinian nuns, and you have invited the President of the Palestinian State to come with you. What does this event of the universal Church represent for the inhabitants of the Holy Land in this moment of history?

« The canonization of these two Palestinian saints is a spiritual highpoint for the inhabitants of the Holy Land. In the midst of all our difficulties, Mariam and Marie-Alphonsine are a light on our path, an invitation not to be discouraged and to keep our eyes fixed on our goal and our shared vocation as Christians: holiness. If today the Holy Land, so torn by violence and divisions, sometimes seems disfigured, our two saints come to restore its sanctity. It is as if Mariam and Marie-Alphonsine, by their example, were saying to us, “Yes, the Holy Land can be fruitful, and it can bear fruits of holiness.” Holiness is still possible, even in an extremely difficult context.

Mariam and Marie-Alphonsine did not experience the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in their life on earth, but they also lived in troubled times and in extreme poverty. Mariam, who did not receive education, was actually illiterate. Yet, both of them, in perseverance, patience, and humility, loved God and their brethren, through charity and sacrifice, to the point of becoming saints. »



La suite sur le site du Vatican Insider.

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