Mgr Shomali : « la Terre sainte veut un cessez-le-feu immédiat »

Dans une interview donnée à Gerard O’Connell pour Vatican Insider, Mgr Shomali, vicaire patriarcal latin à Jérusalem, appelle à un cessez-le-feu immédiat à Gaza et à la reprise des négociations.

DSC01483«  The Catholic bishops of the Holy Land  want “an immediate ceasefire” in Gaza “and the restart of peace negotiations”,  Bishop William Shomali, auxiliary bishop of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem told me in an exclusive interview today, as the toll of deaths and destruction continued to escalate.

After fifteen days of this conflict in the Gaza strip where 1.8 million Palestinians struggle to survive, but cannot exit or enter freely due to the 7 year-old Israeli blockade, the figures speak for themselves.

More than 660 Palestinians have been killed under the Israeli attack, the vast majority are civilians. Almost one-third of these are children under the age of 18  (some 50%  are under 12) and women.  At least 4,200 have been injured, many seriously. Some 100,000 have sought refuge in UN run schools. Many thousands have lost their homes, destroyed by missiles or shelling, while most of the population struggles to survive due to problems in having access to drinking water and sanitation facilities, and is often without electricity.  Hospitals have been hit too, killing at least 4 and injuring more than 60 people.

On the Israeli side, 30 soldiers and two civilians have been killed, one soldier is missing.

I spoke to Bishop Shomali, a Palestinian, about this deteriorating situation in the following interview.

How do you view the situation today as the conflict rages in Gaza?

I view the violent situation today as an immediate result of the failure of the peace process started by US Secretary of State, John Kerry. He had nine months to write a political frame for future negotiations. The dead-line came at the end of April without success. This failure caused a lot of frustration among Palestinians, tension and exasperation.  The killings of the 3 Jewish young people, the detention of Palestinians which followed, the killing of the Palestinian young man in Jerusalem and the launching of rockets from Gaza were the triggering factors that caused the present violence. […]« 


La suite de cette interview sur le site de Vatican Insider.

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